ladies brunch


My lovely friend and neighbor, Christine, invited several of her lady friends over for a potluck brunch yesterday afternoon at the Love Shack. I feel very fortunate to have become a part of Christine’s social circle, as she has an amazing knack for connecting disparate people from all walks of life. I’ve met so many interesting people and developed some great friendships through her.

This brunch was a follow-up to another ladies get together that Christine hosted back in December, but I could not attend because I was back in CA with friends and family for the holidays. During that first get together, everyone set some new year’s resolutions, and wrote them on postcards that my friend then mailed back to them. And, during this brunch, we all gave an update on what progress we’ve made to accomplish our resolutions. Again, we wrote our resolutions down on postcards, which Christine will mail to us to remind ourselves what changes we vowed to make this year.


For the dish that I brought to the brunch, I decided to make something I’ve never made before, rather than something tried and true from my repertoire. During my last two trips to France, I tasted the best apple tarts, one homemade and the other by Jean Luc Pele in Cannes. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to try to make one myself, and I figured a ladies brunch would be the perfect opportunity. I found a simple recipe by Jacques Pépin on the Saveur website. This dish was incredibly easy to make, yet a very delicious dessert. Because the recipe calls for so few ingredients, you can really taste the flavor of the apples. The recipe specified using Golden Delicious, Empire, or Cortland apples. I used organic Empire apples, which is among the apples that retained its flavor and texture after baking, according to a test conducted by Saveur magazine. The apple performed beautifully as it had in the Saveur test. I generally don’t eat any of the desserts I make other than a small taste to ensure that it’s actually edible, because I actually don’t really like to eat sweets (I’m more of a savory and salty food fiend). But, I liked this dish so much that I had more than one serving. And, judging from the empty plate, I’m guessing everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. I will definitely be making this dish again!


The recipe can be found here.



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