somebody, pinch me

ahhh, I’ve finally made it to Paris and am no longer a jetlagged zombie. It took me a good 4 days to adjust to being 7 hours ahead of Austin time. The last few days have been completely consumed by wedding planning and wedding planning. I thought that all I had to do was get a dress and show up, but I guess there is a little more to it, like accessorizing, choosing flowers, finalizing menus, ordering rings, getting dresses for the reception and brunch, etc. Thank goodness for the mister’s mum and sister, otherwise clueless me would be completely lost. We’ve been all over Paris picking up this and that and everything is nearly done now.

While wandering around Paris, it finally dawned upon me that I’m going to be living here and this isn’t just a quickie vacation. I can’t believe that this is my life now-is this really real?

And it keeps getting better….the mister’s mum and I ran some errands for the wedding this afternoon in Montemarte and I stumbled upon fabric and crafts heaven! The mister’s mum had already mentioned that the area had tons of fabric stores, but I had no idea that it is fabric GALORE! Each store had at least 5 floors and each floor is chock full of every fabric and supplies imaginable to fulfill every seamstress’s dreams! I can’t wait to go back to the area to pick up some fabrics-watch out project runway!


6 thoughts on “somebody, pinch me

    1. Thanks for the congrats, but my husband and I actually got married over two years ago! I loooove Montmarte and should make a trip to the fabric stores again soon!!

    2. Oops I must have misread something, sorry 🙂 So it seems that time-wise you and I are sort of on the same page as expats. I assume your husband’s French and that’s what brought you over here? That was the case for me.

    3. No worries! Yeah, we got married in Oct of 2010 and then I moved here permanently in Dec of that year. My husband is actually Vietnamese and has French citizenship. I’ve met a bunch of women who moved here after marrying a Frenchie, but I have yet to meet a guy who took the same route. That’s pretty interesting. How do you like living here? Do you miss the US?

    4. Coming from New York, everyone assumes I miss the Big Apple, but I don’t really. That may be just due to the coolness of Paris though. 🙂 If I were in a tiny village somewhere…well I still would love it, actually. 🙂

      I moved here in June 2010 so the two of us are pretty much on the same timeline. Glad our blogs discovered each other!

  1. This is great! You started a blog! Keep blogging. It will provide some excitement for my boring like at the moment. I will live through you girl


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