Coconut Panko-Crusted Crevettes


I’m baaaack-I have FINALLY decided to resuscitate my nearly defunct blog, which I had started with much enthusiasm and excitement. But, shortly after launching it, a host of changes took over my life, including planning two weddings (to one person) in different countries, leaving my beloved Texas and moving across the ocean to a foreign country. So naturally, the blog was forced to the back burner and neglected for much longer than I had anticipated. I had promised myself and a sweet lady friend of mine that I would start posting again as soon as I was settled into my new life in France. However, adjusting to married life in a foreign country was a bit more trying than I had imagined. To my surprise, it entailed much more than just unpacking my luggage and learning how to order croissants and baguettes in French.

Nearly two years after my last post, I am now finally finding my way back here as well as some semblance of normalcy. I’ve been lucky to find a partner in crime who shares my food fixation, and I’m super excited to share what’s been cooking in our little kitchen.

Last night, we made a couple of seafood dishes, one was a complete failure and the other was actually pretty scrumptious. Shrimp is among my least favorite foods, and many Vietnamese people find that pretty unsual, given that they eat it with great abandon. I rarely ate shrimp before and didn’t even know how to cook them. I still don’t love it, but unlike me, the mister does, so I have since learned how to make a couple of simple shrimp dishes, thanks to him and ma belle-mère. We’ve experimented with several deep-fried shrimp recipes, but have been rather unsatisfied with the outcomes. Most of the batters were not crispy enough and were too thick. But, we have finally developed our own version that is just right! Our batter was a combination of grated coconut and panko, which resulted in a thin, crunchy batter that didn’t deflate or lose its crispiness after a couple of minutes. And, instead of rolling the shrimp in egg before dipping it in the batter, we dunked the shrimp in coconut milk, which added a delicate and subtle flavor. I could have eaten a whole basket of these suckers. We will definitely be adding this one to our repertoire!


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