chute de neige en france


Snow, snow, snow everywhere!! Well, at least this past weekend it was everywhere. Now that it has started to melt, the only reminder of the recent wintry wonderland is a slushy, mess. Over the weekend, nearly the entire country was under alert for severe winter weather conditions. Most of the regions throughout France saw heavy snowfall, and I was rather surprised to see so much snow in the Parisian area.

parc de l’abbaye

We saw about 15 centimeters of accumulation that lasted through the weekend. Being just outside of Paris city limits where it’s less crowded and trafficky, I thought that the snow had only accumulated in the burbs. However, we went into the city to have lunch at my-laws’ place on Sunday, and upon exiting the metro, we were pleasantly greeted by a blanket of white powder that had enveloped the whole city. This is quite a rarity, because, with the heat emanating from the metro and the heavy city traffic, the snow never sticks and generally melts after a few hours.

The snow was so gorgeous that I just had to share a few of the photos that I snapped of the park just in front of our apartment. The photo at the top of the post is of the remains of an abbey from the 7th century and sits inside the park across the street from us.

view from our dining room window, overlooking the park


IMG_5539 IMG_5545


IMG_5596 IMG_5607

Stay warm everyone!



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