peanut butter cookies


We spent most of last weekend indoors while the snow came drifting down and covered the streets with a pristine, white powder. We only emerged from our warm and toasty cocoon to spend Sunday afternoon with my in-laws parents in the city. The chilly, wintry weather and snowy paradise outdoors put me in a baking mood.


One of the things that I really miss from back home that isn’t readily available here in France is peanut butter. While jars of Nutella line the shelves, the only American brand of peanut butter that I’ve seen at the markets here is Skippy and it is ridiculously expensive, costing nearly 5€ for a miniscule jar. I’ve also seen what resembles peanut butter at the ethnic grocery stores, but I’m reluctant to try the gooey mixture topped by a thick layer of oil. Left with no other options and having gone over two years without any peanut butter, I decided it was time to make it myself.


I had no idea how easy it was and I regret having waited this long to try making it! I just threw in a bunch of roasted peanuts into my mini food processor and grinded them until they were smooth. No oil, salt or sugars were added, but it was delicious nonetheless, though I don’t think it was quite as good as the fresh peanut butter that comes out of the nut buttering machines at Whole Foods. The PB could have been a little smoother by grinding it longer, but I was afraid of killing the rotor on our mini food processor. Next time, I may play around with the flavor by adding a dash of honey and salt to the mix. Despite lacking smoothness, this batch was actually perfect for a peanut butter cookies recipe that I recently found online.


This was the first time I made this type of cookie, so I wasn’t too sure what the consistency of the dough should have been like. It was a little dry and probably could have used about a tablespoon of milk to add some moisture. Though the cookies tasted amazing, they came out slightly cracked. I don’t know if that was due to the dry dough or the settings on my oven (I’m still trying to figure out which setting is ideal for desserts and pastries). Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “peanut butter cookies

  1. My favorite cookie is a Peanut Butter cookie, plain and simple. Your version looks delicious with your homemade peanut butter! I have made other nut butters, but as you know peanut butter is so “everywhere” here in the USA and so affordable I just have not tried it. Thanks for the story and the recipe.


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