grey skies

grey skies

Can the weather possibly get any worse here in Paris?!? We’ve had nothing but grey skies and torrential rains all week. These gigantesque storms have been so bad that many regions of France are currently experiencing massive flooding. It’s incredible how huge these storms have been and how much damage they’re causing. A town in the Burgandy region even saw a tornado touch down yesterda, which caused quite a bit of damage. Usually, we don’t see large storms here in Paris and when we get rain, it’s relatively light and rather brief. Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like this here, pounding rainstorms accompanied by lightening and thunder that are quite reminiscent of Texas. Global climate change is certainly making its effects known and has destroyed any hopes of a sunny and warm summer here. I just read in the paper yesterday that there were ZERO days of sunshine registered in May this year. Dude, zero days of sunshine!

more rainrain rain rain
This is what the hospital I work at looked like yesterday – blah!

I hope that the weather improves soon, because I don’t think I can take this gloominess for much longer!


2 thoughts on “grey skies

  1. Hi Sarah, I’m doing well. It’s good to hear from you! This summer has been awful! I can’t believe it’s still chilly now. I hope everything is well and that your summer plans won’t be spoiled by this gloomy weather 🙂


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