Réveillon du Nouvel An 2014


Going out to celebrate new year’s eve has never been my thing. Even when I lived in the US, I always preferred to spend a quiet evening at home watching the ball drop with Dick Clark. Even here in Paris, a crowd of 300k people on the Champs-Elysées doesn’t appeal to me either. For me, the ideal way to ring in the new year is by preparing and feasting on a multi-course meal at home with my husband. Le réveillon, or new year’s eve dinner, is actually something that I look forward to with much anticipation all year long.

In France, folks usually don’t start eating until around 10 pm and the dinner usually lasts through the wee hours of the morning. So, like the frenchies, we didn’t start eating until around 10:30pm and finished our last dish at around 1 am! It was quite a marathon but we managed to throw together 7 dishes in just a few hours! I was charged with making the 4 mises en bouche (stuffed mushrooms, deviled quail eggs, fried green olives stuffed with roquefort, and endive 2 ways) while my husband made the 2 main dishes (vol-au-vent aux fruits de mer and parmentier de confit de canard) and the dessert. Initially, I was going to make chocolate molten lava cakes, but my husband ended up making another bûche de Noël to finish up the mocha buttercream that we had left. In the end, we made entirely too much food for just the two of us so we didn’t even touch the parmentier de confit de canard, which is kind of like a shepard’s pie. That was fine by me though because I had something to bring for lunch later in the week!

Here are just a couple pics of some of the dishes we made that evening:

fried green olives stuffed with roquefort
Endive 2 ways
Endive 2 ways: caramelized pears w/roquefort & spiced nuts w/roquefort
vol-au-vent aux fruits de mer
vol-au-vent aux fruits de mer

I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2014 filled with success and plenty of new adventures!



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