Brunch at Château Mont-Royal


Being a bicontinental couple, our lives were naturally divided across two different countries, with my family and friends being in the US and his in France and the US as well.  This did not make for easy wedding planning, since we wanted to be able to celebrate with as many of our family and friends as possible. Making everyone come to Paris wasn’t very realistic, so we had 2 weddings, one in France with our immediate family and one in California where we had a traditional 10 course Vietnamese banquet. Thus, twice a year, the mister and I celebrate our wedding anniversaries, in October to mark the day that we exchanged “oui’s” in France and in March for the feast that we shared with everyone in the US.


To celebrate the March occasion this year, we ventured just outside of Paris and spent the afternoon at Château Mont-Royal, which is a small château near Chantilly. Every Sunday, they offer an exceptionally exquisite brunch buffet full of viennoseries, verrines, chacuterie, hot dishes, seafood, cheeses, desserts along with fresh squeezed citrus fruits. The gorgeous display was a feast for the eyes, full of an endless array of tasty delights.


I couldn’t get enough of the verrines full of  fruity soups, refreshing salads composed of greens of the season, and seafoods paired with purées of a variety of root vegetables and cream. Even the seafood buffet, decked out in langoustines, crabs, salmon, shrimp, oysters, and sea snails had me coming back for several seconds even though I’m not the biggest fan of creatures of the sea. The oysters tasted like they had just been plucked from the ocean, while the sea snails were cooked to perfection!


After stuffing ourselves silly with dishes from the savory buffet, we concluded our meal by attacking the copious dessert buffet. I felt like a kid in a candy store the minute that I laid eyes on the buffet. It was filled with tropical fruits and dozens of different types of verrines, mini tarts and pastries. Dessert

I had slightly overdone it at the savory buffet, so unfortunately, I only had room for a couple of bites of a caramel creme verrine topped with chocolate and a mini mango cake. Though both were good and not too sweet, they weren’t exceptional. I really wanted to try the cake pop, because I had never had one before, but the server took my plate away while I went to get anther cup of Nespresso. Maybe next time!


Upon leaving the restaurant in the château, we were greeted by a whole slew of ferraris. While we were brunching, they pulled up one by one and surrounded the château. Apparently, there was some sort of French ferrari club meeting at the hotel there. I can’t imagine what they would be meeting about, but it was quite a sight to see so many ferraris at once!


I’m hoping that we’ll have another chance to come back here soon, to celebrate another special occasion or just to indulge in the lavish buffet!

Château Hotel Mont Royal
Route de Plailly
60520 La Chapelle en Serval


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