Paris through a Pentax 67 viewfinder

Paris Through Pentax from Maison Carnot on Vimeo.

I have a tendancy to focus on the hairy aspects of living in France, and it’s rather easy to forget how magnificent this city can be when we get sucked into the daily doldrums of life. This video, however, flawlessly captures quotidian scenes of life here in Paris, which can be breathtakingly beautiful at times, even in her simplest moments. What a great reminder of how lucky I am to get to live this everyday!


2 thoughts on “Paris through a Pentax 67 viewfinder

    1. Isn’t the video awesome? I’m slowly but surely learning to appreciate the finer aspects of living in France. I think part of the reason why I tend to be negative about it is because I miss being back home closer to family and friends. Paris can be a brutal city at times but it can also be equally fantastic!


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